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69 Proven Ways to Build Your Retail Store Sales - PRINT V2 No Marks (1)

69 Proven Ways To Build Your Retail Store Sales: Create a Strong Team That Delivers Real Customer Service & Higher Margins

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In this comprehensive guide you’ll discover:

Three secrets to turning your merchandise in your store twice as fast.

Seven elements of hiring only the best so you don’t hire your competitors’ leftovers.

Which personality you are and how it can help or hurt your business.

Why one poor hiring can damage your company’s reputation and how to plan smart.

How to create an exceptional experience for customers that drives profits.

How your aversion or embrace of financial metrics links to your personality style and the easy way to deal with it

How to unearth the personality style of any applicant quickly and fairly.

Which reports are essential to taking the temperature of your business and which can most move the needle to profitability.

Which social media give you the best return on your investment of time and which are a complete waste of time.

Tried and true tips for converting people looking for your product into loyal customers.

Looking for quick tips to use in your retail stores to build sales?

Struggling to find a subject for your weekly sales meeting? Looking for a short format guide with the ability to go deeper?

This digital book compatible with iBooks and Kindle is a comprehensive guide is full of tips and strategies to help you leverage the power of teamwork and customer service to build strong relationships, drive real sales, and increase margins. Featuring vibrant illustrations, this book provides tips on managing employees, setting achievable goals that keep everyone focused and motivated, ensuring peak performance, and creating an inviting store atmosphere that includes visual merchandising.

With this under 50-page guide in hand, learn how you can unlock real success in your retail business with strong teams that exceed customer expectations.

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